Those who want to start a website in a short period of time and better performance can opt for a static website. Creating a dynamic website takes more time.

Static website webpages have static content. The content of each page does not change until updated by the webmaster. Technically, contain only HTML, JavaScript and CSS.

Unlike dynamic websites, static websites do not require any server page programming or database. So to host a site, no web server required. Any cloud storage with CDN can host a static website. This leads to faster loading of the website. A important factor for SEO rankings.

Since the code written on each page, edit all the pages, even if you want to edit the text in the header or footer area that is commonly found on all pages. The static sites does not have personalized content for every user.

Edit: Now, we have lot of tools as static site generators, where we can create /edit/ preview the content, still publish as static files. Templates used for common sections. So if you edit a single file of the template, it will reflect all the pages that used the template.

When to choose a Static Website?

Use case: Small business website, start-ups or sites with less content updates.
With a static website, individuals, small businesses and start-ups can quickly create concise information about their company, products or service at low cost. This will help them to enter the market early on to establish their business.

Use Case: Event Website
As for the websites for the events, the most important things are the information about the big pictures, the agenda, the schedule and venue of the event. Event sites have a short lifespan, so a static website is the best choice. For visitor registration management, the event company may use the Cloud Event Ticket Management service.

Use Case: Pre-release or quick release of your product or service
Sometimes, you may need to launch your product or service in a hurry. If so, you can use the static website with brief information about the product or service until the final site is ready.

Use Case: Landing pages for your marketing / Ad campaigns
The marketing team will come up with a plan to implement an advertising campaign in the short term. Advertising companies also choose ads that have fast loading landing pages. So a static website would be helpful to fully meet both of the above conditions for your landing pages.

Forms in static sites

For forms, it is highly recommended to use cloud forms to gather information from web visitors. Most service providers offer a free and paid plan. First you can choose and use the free plan. You can then switch to the paid plan when needed. For a completely free form without any restrictions, you can use google forms. Therefore security and performance will be monitored by the service provider.

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