| 0 views | Jul,30,2016 05:44:03 PM

Broken links in a web page creates bad impression in SEO. And we cannot do manual check all links whether it is alive or broken, if we have thousands of web pages in our website. Can you imagine how much time it would take to find manually those broken links, so if we have some program to do this for us on a scheduled interval, would be fine. The same requirement is came from one of our client. To do so we searched google to find a module that finds broken links in the drupal website.

| 0 views | Jul,21,2016 03:15:26 AM

We have built a website using Drupal, One of my client requirement is to show content, based on his permission. So we have used Nodeaccess (https://www.drupal.org/project/nodeaccess) module.

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