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| 0 views | Feb,17,2020 02:57:28 PM

Three years back, one of our customer asked for a solution, for their website needs the performance of the static site and at the same time, they want the features of content management in a CMS. We after doing some research offered them a hybrid solution of developing the site in Drupal(CMS) and then export the site as HTML & CSS (static). Using the Drupal, their editor team can work on content workflow. They can create, edit, preview and publish the content.

| 0 views | Jun,05,2019 03:20:29 PM

People who are looking out for the quick site launch which shortens the work of dynamic website(Ex: CMS) can go ahead with an idea about the static websites. 

What is a static website? 

Static Websites are those which contains a web page with the fixed content, the content of each page does not change unless it is manually updated by the webmaster. Technically, static websites contain only HTML and CSS, with no server-side scripting languages. 

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