11th Open Source india 2014, Bengaluru

11th Open Source india 2014, Bengaluru

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I was lucky to attended my Open Source days(OSI Days) on 7.11.2014 morning in Bengaluru, India. Its interesting to compare any other meetup i have attended. I was impressed in venue to find Crowd is younger, older and more tech savvy. Many of them work for small companies or startups. Because of these hybrid roles, the host team used the term “Opensource” to refer to a broad grouping of people who are involved with Open Source with minded to contribute technically and non-technically.

Ten presenters each a day gave 30 minute talks, and they ended on time. The presenters got straight to the point without long autobiographical slides about who they were and other belabored introductions. Many of the examples they showed involved code samples, with tips such as making sure to include helpful information in error messages, making sure users have the right context and setup to run the code samples, avoiding PDFs to improve search results on Google, and more.

While watching Krishnan, Program Director, AU’s presentation, I thought about how I liked the focus on content. It’s so easy to get distracted into other topics outside of Open Source because his presentation taught me where Tamil Nadu schools and colleges status in using Open Source technologies and his effort’s making to use Open Source tools and platforms, methodologies, strategy, etc with excellent data graph. There were also some Open Source lover’s from larger companies, such as HP and Oracle.

As i want to mention, Open source is being adopted by big tech player such as HP, Wipro, Oracle etc. The food was not free :P, But the space was generously donated by NIMHANS, Bangalore. People tend not to have egos and are particularly friendly. One presenter,Sahni, ibibo, Founder talked about ways his company make use of Open Source more dynamic and reactive. His presentation lasted for 25 minutes. Research guys from bookmyshow.in took over the stage for tech talk and got applauds from audience because of their entertaining skills.

At last, the conference had stalls put up by sponsor's. I had look into their prototyping explanations. Got some more ideas how to implement more of Open Source technologies in a company, I can list some of the advantages that any business can make use of Open Source tools, For the below feature’s. Security

  • Quality
  • Customization
  • Freedom
  • Interoperability
  • Auditabie
  • Support
  • options
  • Cost

I would like to thanks Mr.Shrinivasan ilugc coordinator, Pakkiyaraj and nanda Kumar who accompanied with me to Bangalore to attend the Conference.Special thanks to Mr.Atul jha, Advisor OSI DAYS and Mr.Ankur Entrepreneur.Happy OSI DAYS.Stay tuned for next blog.

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