Workshop on Drupal

Workshop on Drupal

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Workshop on Drupal- Kiluvai Tech Solutions Private Ltd is sponsoring one of its own, We are Scheduled for September 20th ,2014 on the Jaya Engineering College,Thiruninravur. It was incredibly eventful this year and we packed with some really great sessions. Mr.Kamalakannan was really honored to have one sessions accepted and was able to share some of his Drupal Development knowledge with the community. Additionally, I learned a bunch of great stuff!

So in case you missed the camp I have summed up the sessions I attended.

  • What is Drupal, why Drupal and what shall Drupal Do?
  • Explained Drupal Terminology.
  • Taken through the website, how to choose contributed modules, diff between Stable and dev release, when to use each release.
  • Drupal installation, Downloading modules, running installation script, file and folder permissions in webserver(only unix based system), about settings.php
  • Drupal site building - manage blocks and region, taxonomy, content types and fields and views.
  • In depth review of modules such as webform and Views.
  • To be enabled Must-have modules such as Nice Menus, global redirect, google analytics, meta tags and xmlsitemap
  • Leveraging the community Guide on how to get involved.

Drupal community is growing rapidly and thriving, as the camp numbers show. 50 Newbie's to Drupal attended the "Workshop on Drupal" 90% Attendees are from different colleges. We managed Newbie's, In addition to his history and background, three of our developers are fluent in Tamil and Hindi helped student's with clarity as the Workshop Hall was large enough. At last we are Happy enough to leave the Campus as the comments from the student's heart,made us to know Drupal illiteracy exists.We are supportive to take further initiative's to go viral in Drupal community.

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