Angular is a popular javascript framework powered by Google, for building your web apps using standard HTML and Typescript (a superscript for JavaScript). Angular is very famous framework started in 2009 as AngularJs and evolved with better features, performance and maintainability, now it is Angular 8.

This is the framework widely used by software developers for building interactive and single page web apps. Angular architecture is based on components and services, using this the developers can define view (templates), data binding, directives, dependency injection and routing.

One of the main advantages of using Angular is Typescript, which ensures higher security as it supports types (primitives, interfaces,etc.) In error handling, it helps catch and eliminate the errors early when writing the code.

Angular templates use the HTML and angular markup for UI of the web application, Template directives provide program logic, and binding markup connects your application data and the DOM.

Benefits of Angular

  • Cross-platform

    Build web-apps to give app-like experience and high performance. Build native mobile apps using Cordova and Ionic.

  • Speed and performance

    Angular app loads quickly with the new component router, which only load code required to render the view(UI)

  • Productivity

    For the development team angular provides consistency in code writing, reusability, maintainability, modularity and catch errors early

Our Skill Set

As a web development company, We are expertise in the full stack of a website development, starting from

  • HTML 5

    HTML 5

  • CSS3


  • JSON


  • Rest API

    Rest API

  • Typescript


  • Node JS

    Node JS

Project Management

By starting with the requirement analysis and preparing a proposal with the right solution which solves your problem.

  • Planning & Design

    Planning & Design

  • Development & Testing

    Development & Testing

  • Deployment & Maintenance

    Deployment & Maintenance

Angular Development

  • Single Page App

    Single Page App

  • Hybrid Mobile App

    Hybrid Mobile App

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