Ionic is the world’s most popular cross-platform UI toolkit for building performant, high quality mobile and desktop apps using web technologies like HTML, CSS and javascript. It powers fast growing startups to some of the biggest companies in the world.

Ionic is frontend UI framework, currently integrates with Angular and also integration with other frameworks like Vue, react, etc. are in development.

Ionic is cross platform framework, build and deploy apps that work across platforms like native IOS, Android, desktop and web as Progressive web application all with one code base

Our Skill Set

As our expertise in Nodejs, Angular, HTML, CSS and Javascript, enables us to use Ionic to leverage the benefits it offers rapid development, cross platform development, easy to use highly customisable UI components and through cordova plugins use hardware components like camera, GPS, Flash light, etc.

  • HTML 5

    HTML 5

  • CSS3


  • Javascript


  • Angular


  • Nodejs


  • Typescript


  • Corodova


Project Management

By starting with the requirement analysis and preparing a proposal with the right solution which solves your problem. Once the client approves the proposal, We will start the development, with the following phases

  • Planning & Design

    Planning & Design

  • Development & Testing

    Development & Testing

  • Deployment & Maintenance

    Deployment & Maintenance

Ionic Development

  • Progressive Web App

    Progressive Web App

  • Hybrid Mobile App

    Hybrid Mobile App

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