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Do you know, smartphone users are expected to be 2.8 billion in 2020 worldwide,  we are in the mobile era, where most of the world population is using smartphones to search for information on the internet. Search giants like Google, Bing, etc. are giving more importance to mobile responsiveness in their search algorithm, so when we want our website to perform well in search engines, it is very important that our website renders fast in all devices with a clean layout.

We in Kiluvai build all websites and application mobile friendly, it is our default approach of building websites, whether the client request for this feature or not. we deliver the products after doing cross-device compatibility testing to make sure the website renders in all devices.

Why the responsive website?

Improved site usability

Viewer experience what makes the online solutions succeed, a responsive website is the foundation of user experience

Faster page speed

A responsive website loads faster lead to better user experience as well as higher ranking

Single URL

A responsive website has a single URL which avoids duplicate of content and ease of sharing content in social media

How is a responsive website built?

Website is built with HTML and CSS, from the web server always the same HTML is sent to the browser, but with the help of CSS @media queries and breakpoint, website look and feel will be controlled, through this we can give optimal viewing experience - easy reading and navigation, across all devices.

Our Skill Set

As a web development company, We are expertise in the full stack of a website development, starting from






Project Management

By starting with the requirement analysis and preparing a proposal with the right solution which solves your problem.

Planning & Design

Development & Testing

Deployment & Maintenance

Responsive Website


Site Building


Search engine optimisation


Cross-browser and cross-device testing

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