Static Website

Static websites are easy to handle and take half the time of building dynamic websites. 

Static websites are about the data is fixed and doesn’t change often. Hence The codes are fixed for each page so the information contained in the page does not change.

If you are not going to require regular updates on your website then static websites are easy and helpful.

Data(Text, images & code) can be modified with the help of Developers. Responsive sites can be effectively done through static sites.

Benefits of building static websites

Easy Maintenance

For small content websites, it is easy to make changes over the pages

Quick Development

Building a static site takes less time when compared to a dynamic website

Cost Effective

To develop a static website, it takes less cost than dynamic websites

Easy Hosting

Hosting the static websites takes less space in the server and cheaper than the dynamic websites

Speed and Secure

Static sites are speedy and easy to load. Since there is no intermediary like database, code injection is minimal

Disadvantages of the static website

  1. Requires a developer, IT professional / Coding knowledge to update or modify the changes.
  2. Only limited functionalities can be maintained.
  3. Big content websites are difficult to maintain.

Our Skill Set

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Static Website


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