Recently, I went to a conference and at the event, I met Mr Karthik who runs a business that sells kitchen accessories to hotels. Karthik was sharing his business with me and then I was eager to see what he sells, I asked him what is your website URL? For that, he said I do not have a website, I am looking for someone to build a website.

And the conversation goes

Oh, did you choose developers to build your website?

I approached the web developers to build my website and they submitted their proposals.

That’s great, then you ordered your website to be created?

No, I did not do so because I was confused as to whether I need a static website or CMS?

Me: I will try to help you, I can ask you questions so we can decide what type of website to create.

Karthik: All right

What are your short-term and long-term goals for owning a website?

I have no goal and currently need a website to showcase my products.

Well do you have an idea to sell your products online now or in the future?

No, I have no idea.

Do you have a plan to do digital marketing?

No, I have no such plan.

Who are your target audience? How many people visit your website per month?

Cafe / hotel / hostel owners are my target audience. Monthly visits to my website are very low numbers.

How many times a month do you update your website?

Updates are rare because my product specification does not change often, maybe once every three months

Me:From the series of questions I asked you, what I understand is that you need a website to showcase your products, your website visitors will be less than 100, and your website will not receive frequent updates. If you are looking for a website like an online brochure, I recommend going for a static website.

You can build a static website at a low cost and instead of a developer you can choose an online website builder to build your website. If you have the ability to do so. Otherwise, it is better to choose a company. We have been in the web development business for the last six years and we can help you build your website.

A dynamic website is more expensive than a static website, and you need to maintain it regularly to keep your website safe from security issues such as malware, phishing and hacking.

Karthik: Can you explain what a static website is?

The static website is created using three technologies HTML, CSS and Javascript. All three work in browsers. When you type the URL into your browser, all three files are downloaded from the server and delivered to your browser. So really, you don’t need anything to run on your web server, it is only used to deliver files.

What is the use of using an static website?

  1. Creating a static website is easy
  2. Low price
  3. Excellent performance
  4. Minimum hosting cost
  5. No software updates required
  6. No maintenance cost.

What is the lifespan of a static website?

No software update is required so you can keep your static website for any number of years.

What are the disadvantages of a static website?

  1. You cannot have user-oriented content on your website.
  2. If you do not use the online builder, you will depend on a website developer for content updates on the website.
  3. You have a limited purpose for doing digital marketing

Karthik: it was very helpful information you provided, to help me decide on the type of website I should choose. Thank you

The conversion ends happily, and then he orders us to create a website for him. I am very happy to do what a customer needs for his business.

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