WordPress is an efficient, modern open source CMS (content management system). Ideal for creating small business websites, blogs, startup e-commerce sites and large corporate websites. We provide superior results in web designing through our end-to-end WordPress development solutions. Any individual can manage web content without the help of a developer.

WordPress comes with a lot of plugins and themes. Plugins provide features for the website and themes provide the look of the website.

WordPress Development

Community and Standards

WordPress is not just used to create blog, portfolio, company profile websites. Large and strong community, which created a large number of plug-ins. Therefore, using the plug-ins, you can also create websites like e-learning, e-commerce, forums.  It is easy to extend these plug-ins using the provided hooks. The Model View Controller (MVC) design pattern is used in core and plugin development. This allows to separate the logic and appearance of the website.

The community is very large and active. So, they constantly report bugs. The WordPress Core Team continues to work on fixing reported issues. Therefore WordPress website needs to be constantly check for new releases and update them. In addition, WordPress also provide an automatic update feature that automates updates.

What we do

When creating a website, most of the time, can use the look and features provided. But, to add some extra features or change the look, our developers are here to help you create or customize the plugin and theme.

We have strong expertise and experience writing code and creating features for the website. We understand the importance of having a website that makes it easy to achieve your goals. That’s why we offer you our WordPress development services, ensuring that the website interacts with your audience and makes it easy to make changes. Our designers and developers use WordPress to create a modern, attractive website that reflects your brand and values.

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    Features and Benefits

    WordPress is a customizable platform to help you in building the right tool to serve your content management strategy

    • Easy to Use

      Enables all the users to update and publish content and images by their own.

    • Customizable

      Easy Customizing with HTML5, CSS3, plugins and other standard website technologies.

    • Mobile Ready

      Uses responsive web design to adjust smartphone devices, tablets, laptops.

    • SEO Friendly

      Built-in SEO functionality to boost your website’s visibility top in the search results.

    • Update Your site from anywhere

      To make changes in the site, Wordpress site can be easily accessed from anywhere with internet access.

    • User Management

      We can set-up multiple users for the website and assign access levels and capabilities to each user with the Administrator rights.

    • Flexibility

      Wordpress is more flexible. Through wordpress we can create any type of sites as we want personal blog or website, a blog, a business website, a professional portfolio, a government website, etc..

    Our Skill Set

    As a web development company, We are expertise in the full stack of a website development, starting from

    • HTML 5

      HTML 5

    • CSS3


    • Javascript


    • Bootstrap


    • PHP


    • Mysql


    • Apache web server

      Apache web server

    Project Management

    By starting with the requirement analysis and preparing a proposal with the right solution which solves your problem.

    • Planning & Design

      Planning & Design

    • Development & Testing

      Development & Testing

    • Deployment & Maintenance

      Deployment & Maintenance

    WordPress Development

    • Site Building

      Site Building

    • Custom theme development

      Custom theme development

    • Wordpress Theme Development

      Wordpress Theme Development

    • Search engine optimisation

      Search engine optimisation

    • Performance fine tuning

      Performance fine tuning

    • Security Audit

      Security Audit

    • WooCommerce development

      WooCommerce development


    A theme is a folder in WordPress that contains all presentation-related files (look and feel of website). That is, files such as template (HTML markup and variables used in this), stylesheet (CSS), JavaScript, images etc.
    WordPress comes with installed themes, called default themes. We have already seen that themes are the presentation or look and feel of a website. Every business owner or company wants a unique look and feel for their website. So when designing the look and feel of a website using a design tool like Photoshop. We need to write new HTML and css to implement the new look. Theme customization is writing code to change the default look and feel of a website.
    Plugins are new functionality or extended functionality of WordPress core. In other words, plugins are pieces of code written to integrate with WordPress core. WordPress Core is basic functionalities of a website developed by the WordPress Core team, whereas plugins are contributed by the community. For example, a contact form is a plugin used to create forms on a website to collect data from visitors. WordPress core does not provide a way to create a form.
    Website owners sometimes ask for a new functionality. Usually, if there is a plugin that matches the functionality, and then that plugin is installed on the website to provide the functionality the owner is asking for. Sometimes, there is no matching plugin for the requested functionality, or the partial functionality is in the matching plugin. In this case, you can create a new plugin and write code to create the requested functionality, or extend a plugin that partially matches the functionality. Plugin customization is writing code to create a new plugin or extend an existing plugin.
    WordPress is free to create a website because it comes with an open source license.
    As a company, we provide services to earn money to meet expenses, salaries, etc., so we charge for work done. We do not resell WordPress (an open source licensed program) and only charge for the development work we do using WordPress.
    WordPress is developed by team of experts who are voluntered. WordPress core is secured, when website owners keep updating the website immediately every new release. And there are other few best practices has to be striclty followed by the developers to keep the website secure. Following the above steps will make any website secured.
    As mentioned in the question regarding the wordpress security, same applies here. All the steps suggested to keep the website secure is done, then, website is secure against hacking.
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