Static website development is done using HTML, CSS and JavaScript. Because this technology runs on a web browser, a web server not required. It takes about half the time to build a static website compared to a dynamic site.

Scripting language not used in creating static websites. So the loading time considerably less compared to a dynamic website. Fastest website gets the highest rank in Google searches.

When to use static website?

A static website generally chosen for creating one-page websites, small business websites, your marketing campaigns, events, etc. This type of website will have fewer content updates and will have a shorter lifespan.

The cost to build, host and maintain very low compared to dynamic sites. static sites are also very secure.

Why Kiluvai for static website development?

At Kiluvai, static website development team, focus on Pixel perfect, quality and fast delivery.

Our expertise includes Bootstrap. Bootstrap is a front-end development framework, which was helpful for developers to develop the static website quickly. Bootstrap provides CSS helper classes, responsive grid layout, formatted form elements, JavaScript components and tools. Therefore build site with the help of the bootstrap is fast, tested and error free.

Pixel perfect something all designers will look for from the developers. We deliver the finished site after confirming the pixel-perfect against the design template given by the designers. As a result, designer like our pixel perfect accuracy.

We use cross-browser compatibility testing tools, to test and confirm website renders in the same way on all browser and handheld devices. Browsers like Firefox, Chrome, Safari, Opera, etc. OS like Windows, macOS, Linux, etc. Mobile phones like iPhone, Samsung, Nexus, MI, etc. are some of the platforms and devices used to check the website.


Are you looking for static website development

    Benefits of building static websites

    • Easy Maintenance

      For small content websites, it is easy to make changes over the pages

    • Quick Development

      Building a static site takes less time when compared to a dynamic website

    • Cost Effective

      To develop a static website, it takes less cost than dynamic websites

    • Easy Hosting

      Hosting the static websites takes less space in the server and cheaper than the dynamic websites

    • Speed and Secure

      Static sites are speedy and easy to load. Since there is no intermediary like database, code injection is minimal

    Disadvantages of the static website

    1. Requires a developer, IT professional / Coding knowledge to update or modify the changes.
    2. Only limited functionalities can be maintained.
    3. Big content websites are difficult to maintain.

    Our Skill Set

    As a web development company, We are expertise in the full stack of a website development, starting from

    • HTML 5

      HTML 5

    • CSS3


    • Javascript


    • SASS


    • Bootstrap


    Project Management

    By starting with the requirement analysis and preparing a proposal with the right solution which solves your problem.

    • Planning & Design

      Planning & Design

    • Development & Testing

      Development & Testing

    • Deployment & Maintenance

      Deployment & Maintenance

    Static Website

    • Site Building

      Site Building

    • Search engine optimisation

      Search engine optimisation

    • Cross-browser and cross-device testing

      Cross-browser and cross-device testing

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