When to Use Static Websites?

When to Use Static Websites?

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People who are looking out for the quick site launch which shortens the work of dynamic website(Ex: CMS) can go ahead with an idea about the static websites. 

What is a static website? 

Static Websites are those which contains a web page with the fixed content, the content of each page does not change unless it is manually updated by the webmaster. Technically, static websites contain only HTML and CSS, with no server-side scripting languages. 

The code can be written for individual pages and displayed to the visitors. Each page is unique and built with Headers, footers hold the content. So, even a small tweak is made, every single page needs to be updated. And there is no interactivity such as user comments. 

Unlike dynamic websites, static websites do not require any Web programming or database design. 

Edit: Now, we have lot of tools as static site generators, where we can use the Dynamic content or CMS features can be used to create /edit/ preview the content, still publish as static files. 

How to achieve static site performance with CMS features?

When you can go up with a Static Website?

If you are planning to build a website in a short span of time contains the 

  1. Limited Information 
  2. Small Business Website and Brochure Websites
  3. Pre-launch or a hint of information(For the pages) about the dynamic website using CMS which takes delay in making live launch
  4. Fewer updates often. 
  5. Static websites are not lengthy and have fast loading time to display or render the pages.

can go up with static websites.

The static website is a simple website design which is cost-effective and beneficial for the small enterprises or individuals to expand their business through the web. 

Through the static website, individuals / Personal or small business sites can show up simple information regarding their company and products at low cost by simple manner. These type of websites are very useful for expanding the company market with their information by publishing the site on the internet.

When it comes to websites for events, the most important things are large images, brief information and obviously time and date of the event. These event sites are temporary life span until the event gets an end. 

Sometimes, There might be an urgent launch required for big dynamic websites. In that case, We build a static website having a minimal amount of brief information about the content and pages which is the temporary life span of keeping as live until the dynamic site has been ready to launch.

For small websites, this works fine. But websites having large content and pages is difficult to maintain.

We, Kiluvai tech solutions offers a Static website development with high quality

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