Creating a website is not as challenging as before, nowadays, there are a lot of tools to build your website. If you want to outsource your website to a company you can do that. Let’s look at the pros and cons, what to do when.

How to build a website, for my business?

Do it yourself – online website builder

If you have decided to create a website yourself, there are a lot of online builders like WIX, Hubspot Website Builders, Gator by HostGator, Host WordPress, Shopify. To build your website using online builders, you do not need to write code. Reading the document tutorials from Builder will help you understand the interface. This will be the same as what you do with your paint program on Windows.

You can start fresh building your website or choose a template that is fully customizable using the online builder tools. These builders allow you to use your domain, which you can purchase from them or from the domain service provider. They also provide SEO tools such as meta title and description, OG tag, clean URLs, structured data, URL redirect manager

The downside of using a builder is that you always have to build with the tools they provide in the builder. If you want to do something new, you can’t do it. Creating new technological advances on the web is another challenge you will face with builders. Since they are not available, you will have to wait until the online builders provide that new technological advancement or you will have to approach an agency to develop it.

Online Builder is a program that inserts a code into the website for each feature or section. Whenever you make changes to sections or features of the website, the builder overwrites the existing code. This may not be the best practice an agency can follow when they build a website. Many issues will be hidden under your website because of overwriting. Website performance is out of your control and there is nothing you can do to speed up your website. All of these will not affect you when your traffic is low, but these small items can create a big problem when traffic is high. So when you want to take control of your website, you can approach an agency to help you.


Instead of online website builders, you can choose WordPress. WordPress is an open-source CMS, it is free to use. Either you can purchase Managed WordPress hosting service or build the website in wordPress.com. WordPress Managed hosting service is provided by many leading service providers like GoDaddy, Hostgator, Bluehost. Managed WordPress hosting comes with WordPress installed, so it is mentioned here, otherwise, on normal hosting, you will need to do the installation on your own, which requires some knowledge to use Cpanel or any panel provided by the hosting service provider.

You do not need any more coding knowledge to create a website using WordPress, there are a lot of video tutorials on Youtube to watch and learn from them.

There are many plug-ins and themes available for WordPress for free and paid. You will have some freedom to choose the features you want for your website. As for SEO, there are a lot of plugins, WP is all about SEO, Yost SEO, a few popular plugins.

You can choose the best website theme from the online theme selling websites. This theme comes with a Home, Blog, Gallery, About Us, Contact Us templates. See the theme page for more information on available page templates. For a unique page, you need to create your template using the available builder plug-ins. There are some plugins like Elementor Page Builder, Beaver Page Builder, WP Page Builder to build your template on your website.

Scaling your website

The two approaches discussed above are easy and you can manage your website by yourself by learning the basics of a website builder and WordPress in the early stages of your business. But as your business grows, you have to fight the competition fiercely and managing your website yourself will not yield results. Key Barriers for managing your website by yourself are Performance, Security, Maintenance and New Content Types & Creative Content. It’s time to hand over website development and maintenance to your team or outsource to the agency.

Choosing an agency

Choosing an agency for your website is an important step because you are entrusted with the responsibility of creating and maintaining your website, they must fully understand you and your expectations and they must deliver in line with your expectations. Only then will your website be available to you according to your plan, which makes it work to achieve the goal you want through the website.

Before you start looking for an agency, start thinking about what you need from the agency and prepare the required documentation. Set goals that you will achieve through the website. What should your website be like to achieve your goals? List the features you like on your website. As always, it’s a good idea to prepare the features or requirements for your website yourself. Still, you can outsource to a company to make it. Once the requirements are ready, request a proposal from a company. Without this required document, your expectations will not be fulfilled.


As an agency, we can prepare a requirement document for you and provide you with a proposal for your website development and maintenance. With expertise and experience in this field, we can better understand your needs and build a website that fully meets your expectations. We can help you build your website using an online builder or WordPress too. Contact us to get a quote for the website development.

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